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Today’s Sponsor:The Waldorf Connection


We are very happy to share our next sponsor with you all.

Donna Ashton is not only a friend of Rhythm of the Home, she is also the voice behind The Waldorf  Connection. The Waldorf  Connection is a site devoted to educating families on the ins and outs of the Waldorf traditions.  There are many wonderful resources available through Donna’s site including a blog, a map connecting you to many other like minded families, a bookshop, and a very comprehensive series of educational inspiration to help you on your way to educating your child.

A bit about Donna and the idea behind The Waldorf Connection in her own words…

I am a homeschooling mom of twins, age 7. We live in a serene beach town, where homeschooling support is minimal. In fact, there are only a few families that are using Waldorf -inspired methods.

When I began my homeschooling, I realized I needed much more that what was available to me locally. I turned to the online Waldorf community and what a help it was!  I honestly don’t think I would be homeschooling in this way, had it not been for the resources I found online.  At first, it was hard to find anything much about Waldorf. But in the last year or so, a wide variety of wonderful materials has become available!

To me, it was still a challenge to figure it all out. I am a visual person that likes to “see it”. Or at least, ask someone questions until it makes sense to me.

I was tired of waking up in the night wondering if,   “Am I doing this right?”  “Should I be doing more? less?”

As homeschooling parents we make some very important decisions about our childrens’ education and lives.  How could I make all this fit together? I like to see all the pieces of the puzzle before I put it together.

That’s why The Waldorf Connection was created. A venue to ask questions, get ideas and put the pieces all together.

To visit Donna and the Waldorf Connection please visit her space…

The Waldorf Connection.

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