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Today’s Sponsor: Valarie Budayr and Jump into a Book




Jump into a Book is an oasis of reading goodness created by a wonderful contributor and friend of Rhythm of the Home.  Valarie Budayr is a wealth of information where reading material for young children is concerned.

A bit about Jump into a Book in Valarie’s own words.

“Jump Into A Book has been an incredible journey that I’ve had with my children and our love of reading. 10 years ago I started a mother/daughter book club called “Book Adventures”. Zuzu was in third grade and the school was making her be very independent and much of her school work was no longer done in a group but by herself. They also had a very rigorous reading program which didn’t allow for much reading time at home. I felt that I was losing our reading connection as a family. I created this book club so mothers and daughters could read books aloud to each other. After a few weeks, we would come together to make those books come alive through feasts, crafts, games, songs etc. We would experience our stories. The blogging format has allowed me to continue this love of book jumping. There are so many great books and so many adventures to take.”

Valarie has all sorts of fun things to inspire family reading including book lists, book reviews, reading adventures, and a section that talks about wonderful books that have been turned into movies.

To learn more about Valarie, please visit her at all THREE of her
thought provoking spaces.

Jump into a Book

Learn Sweden

and her personal blog…

A place like this

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