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Guest Post…Homemade Firestarters by Lorena of Through the Eyes of a Yak

Today we share a post for ALL seasons~how to make homemade fire starters by Lorena.

Lorena is:
Seeing the beauty in life, love, family, friends…………
In keeping with my desire to make products I normally buy – I made some firestarters for our fireplace.  We had just ran out of a box of stick things we had and I didn’t want to burn tons of paper since our fireplace is double sides and the ashes are a nightmare.
Homemade Firestarters
cardboard egg cartons
old candles (or any old wax you have)
dryer lint
some household string

Very simply stuff the egg carton with lint

melt the candles in a double boiler

Pour the wax into the carton
I cut some string into about 3 inch pieces and squished them in each section.

When they are cooled just break them apart!
Each one should burn for 6 minutes and can be used for camping or your fireplace!
Thanks so much to Lorena for sharing this wonderful tip!

For more about Lorena please visit her Blog:

Through The Eyes Of a Yak
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  1. 07.31.2010 1:03 pm

    a friend made us some of these a while back & we LOVED them! there was no wick though–that’s a GREAT addition!

  2. nikki permalink
    07.31.2010 8:36 pm

    These are great! Growing up our Girl Scout troop always made them for camping.

  3. 08.18.2010 8:29 pm

    Those would be great for camping!

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