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Guest Post…Kids Art Smock Tutorial by Jodie of JellyWares


Today we have a fantastic tutorial to share via the lovely Jodie from JellyWares!  Enjoy~

Jodie is:

I’m in my late 20’s, have been married since September 2005 and have 2 beautiful daughters. I live on a farm in central west NSW and am in the process of restoring/renovating an old homestead whilst living in it, am I crazy or what??? I love sewing, baking, cooking, gardening, knitting and just hanging out on the farm.


Art Smock Pattern

With messy play a huge favourite of Miss Connie’s, my now 3yr old, I decided to make her an Art Smock just for these occasions…

(front view)

This was super easy and if you’d like to make one too I’ve drafted the pattern up for download as a PDF…. This pattern will make up a child’s size 2-3.There are 4 pattern piece’s to this smock:

(back view closed)
Once you’ve printed out the pattern pieces on A4 paper join bib-a to bib-b and arm-a to arm-b along the dotted lines. Cut out your fabric as stated on the pattern pieces…
(back view open)
Sew up the arm seams using 1/4′ seam, I used my over-locker here for a nice neat finish. Next sew the arm to the bib, right sides facing…. Now using some bias tape (I made my own in a contrasting colour) sew it around the bib to enclose all the raw edges. When sewing the bias tape to the neck opening I like to leave a good 6′ tail at both ends to use as ties but you could just as easily attack a button here if you don’t want a tie…
I like to add some elastic to the bottom of the sleeves to help keep them down but you could just simply hem them if you’d prefer not to use elastic…
If you have any questions about making this smock feel free to email me and I’ll try my best to help you out…
Thanks to Jodie for her sharing her fantastic tutorial, and for helping Mama’s keep their kiddos clothes clean!

For more on Jodie visit her Blog:

or her Shop:
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  1. 07.22.2010 2:26 pm

    Love it! Also, I was married in Sept 2005 and have two daughters! So I had to comment. 🙂 Too bad we don’t live closer. I love all the same things, except for knitting, which I don’t have the patience for (at all!).

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