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Book making…guest writer Jessica of SeedPod Craft


We are so happy to share this post on making books with little ones with you from Jessica of SeedPod Craft.

A bit about Jessica…

Jessica: I’m wife to my best friend and a mom of 5 kids (I know that’s a lot of kids.  I have to pinch myself quite often to remind myself it is all real.). I’m a maker of things. We homeschool,we really like to hike and bike and be outside.I like to make things, I like to draw things, sew things, knit things, quilt things.


Making Books

A few weeks ago I had an issue of Home Education Magazine out from the library and in it was an add for Bare Books.  My kids kept eying it, then we saw posts at Soule Mama and Balancing Everything about the fun of filling them up, so I thought I’d order a box full to coincide with all the writing I hoped would ensue with the unveiling of the typewriter.

It looks like I will be buying bare books like groceries.

reading his creation

The day they arrived we cracked open the box and everyone got started.  Logan filled his up in no time with the story of “Tom and the Magic Roller Coaster.”

tom and the magic roller coaster

Hi, I'm Tom

Woa A elf is at home

I can’t even tell you how much I love his uninhibited 5 year old drawings and handwriting.  He is fearless in his art making.

Brenna and Jonah wrote stories too.  After writing and dreaming all day long Jonah was so filled with pride in his work.  As I tucked him in he said, “Mom, I never knew I liked writing as much as I like reading.  It feels so good to write something someone else will read and really, really like.”  He’s still at work making sure his handwriting is neat as he goes.  It’s fun to watch their personalities magnified in their work.  I will definitely post more books soon.

I’ve got a board book of our backyard birds in the works for Hunter who says “buhr, buhr” with his little pointer finger constantly.  We have an Audubon calendar and he will stand beneath it with his arms stretched up making all the noise he can to get someone to lift him up for a closer look.

buhr book

buhr, buhr

It’s been embarrassingly long since I last drew something.  It really feels so good.  (Here are closeups of the goldfinch and robin.) I’m almost finished with the house finches that are nesting on our front door.

working on house finches

They have 5 eggs now.

5 now!

My front door is going to be a mess when they hatch!


Thanks again Jessica for sharing this post with us.

For more Information on Jessica visit her Blog

SeedPod Craft

or Her Shop

SeedPod Craft Studio

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  1. 07.2.2010 4:04 am

    Thank you for sharing. We have started wildflower sketch books this spring to journal and draw the wildflowers we find.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

    • 07.2.2010 4:07 am

      My favorite wild flowers are Lady Slippers, and Trilliums! Great idea for a scavenger hunt! Thanks for commenting Tonya~Laura

  2. 07.2.2010 5:26 am

    do you have to buy those particular books? my son and I started about six months ago writing about the day. after a month of me writing he had to do his own writing. sometimes the scribbles (he tells me what they are as he’s only 2.5) are about the day and sometimes they are just random things he enjoys. I just use blank journals. I’d imagine you could just put a blank paper on front of any old book for them to decorate? or even get a binder with loose leaf paper.

    lately he’s also wanted me to help him in forming letters and he does ask me to draw things though my skills are no where near yours.

    its also helped us with making up stories and such throughout the day. he can even make up his own, which is pretty impressive to me.

    I had originally started it as a way to focus on the good – felt like I was so often correcting and saying no, I wanted to write down and tell him what i had seen good all day but now its expanded to so many things. I hope we keep it up for years. if I don’t do it, he’s all “aren’t we going to write about the day?” its as important to him as reading stories now.

    • 07.2.2010 5:45 am

      The books can be bought here… . Sounds like you have a budding artist on your hands~Laura

    • 07.4.2010 12:27 pm

      What a sweet daily ritual– writing helps us clarify our lives and find so much meaning in the everyday. My kids write and draw in homemade books constantly– they certainly don’t need to be bought, but having this new, special batch of blank books really added some significance for them.

  3. 07.2.2010 11:50 pm

    Oh id love to get my hands on a stack of Bare books books! I have been trying since last year and they just wont ship to Australia 😦


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