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An announcement and another ROTH project…


Heather, Bernadette and I are so very pleased to welcome Laura Hooker (my twin sister) to Rhythm of the Home.

Over the past few months Laura has watched over my shoulder, across the couch and occassionally over the heads of our two bouncing boys as I have been embraced by all things Rhythm of the Home.  She has lead me to many a crafty post to share with you and not only is she the first person to help me with brainstorming a project, but she has shown a genuine interest in the process of putting it all together.

So, imagine my excitement, when today….. she lit up like a Christmas tree when I asked her if she would like to help us with the Blog.

She has agreed to joining us for a 2 month trial as Blog Assistant Director and if we are lucky she will be staying on for the duration.

And I am NOT just saying that because we share DNA.

Please join me in welcoming Laura to the ROTH team.

As a little introduction Laura has shared a Rhythm of the Home inspired project with us that she did this past week.



With the  first year of school successfully under our belt…(SQUEEL), I wanted to make something handmade, and from the heart for Sam’s Kindergarten teacher Mrs. “B”, and Eben’s teacher Mrs. “U”.  I decided to head over to the Rhythm of the Home for some inspiration.  As I was browsing through the numerous archives I came across some great ideas, but one picture especially hit home…Heather Fontenot had posted this amazingly precious post about Childrens Healing Yoga in the Spring Issue.

In it, I saw this adorable picture! I mean how comfy does he look?

You want to switch places with him don’t you???


So I decided to head over to Heathers Blog, and there I found her fantastic tutorial for the Herbal Eye Pack shown in the picture above!

Herbal Eye Pack Tutorial

So I gathered up some linens, dusted off my sewing machine (it has been months since the old baby has been used),  I set about making my own packs.

A heartfelt Teachers Gift for both of the boys teachers.

They were easy, fun, and purposeful.  I mean what Kindergarten teacher doesn’t want to put his/her feet up at the end of the day and rest their eyes?

Second thought…WHAT HUMAN DOESN’T want to do that?

I filled them with a lovely Rice Mixture infused with Lavender for relaxation

I made two packs total, one in each of the boys favorite colors

Blue (Sam’s) for his teacher, and Green (Eben’s) for his teacher

Hopefully their teachers will use them at the end of their long days over the years, and remember the two little boys who they MEAN THE WORLD TO, and how they had a GREAT first year of school because they CARED FOR THEM LIKE THEY WERE THEIR OWN KIDS.


Thank you Laura for sharing this with us and mostly for joining ROTH.

To learn more about Laura, please visit her at her spaces…

Mountain Mama

and her Etsy store

Adirondack Patterns

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  1. 06.20.2010 5:39 pm

    Welcome Laura!

  2. 06.21.2010 7:28 am

    YAY LAURA! You are one of my favorite people in the blog world!!

    • 06.21.2010 10:48 am

      Elisa…that is the nicest thing I have heard in a long time! You are one of mine too! Always a pleasure to read your lovely posts! Sincerely, Laura

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