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Consider yourself invited…


First off, some business and then later today I am going to share the sweetest post that I have seen in a while from Hannah Robinson.

I know, I’m a tease.


In the process of gathering a list of contributors to the Autumn issue of Rhythm of the Home …Bernadette, Heather and I thought that many of you might like to join us this time around.

So, we decided to invite all of our wonderful blog readers to submit their work to this edition.  Please don’t be shy…we would positively LOVE to see submissions from you.   After all…that is what this magazine is all about…reader submitted work.

What we are looking for are Fall themed project, crafts, recipes, articles, poems, songs, etc to.

If you aren’t familiar with the submission guidelines, you can review them here (it’s nothing scary, I promise…basically, we just are looking for nicely written and photographed projects using natural materials that are relevant to both the theme and the season of the magazine.) We would be more than happy to work with you on developing your project and help you in anyway.

Once you have thought about what you might like to submit,  just email us an overview of your idea to…

Completed submissions MUST be in by July 27th so that we can organize the Autumn Edition to share on September 1st.

Just think about it and let us know, because we would love to see what you have in mind.

XOXO, Julia

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