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Baby Treasure Basket….Guest writer Meg of Sew Liberated


Babies have such an innate need to explore.  They get into everything (EVERYTHING!), especially the things that we THINK they would have no interest in.

Tons of toys?

Don’t even bother…..just give a baby a pot and a wooden spoon and they can occupy themselves indefinitely

And they tend to gravitate to items that vary in texture.  Silky, smooth, rough, puffy…you name it, they want to put their hands (and mouths!) all over it. Our guest writer for today is Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated.  Meg came up with a fabulous idea for creating a basket full of such textural delights to inspire exploration of senses for her sweet boy Finnian.

A bit about Meg….

Meg is an internationally certified Montessori teacher, successful sewing pattern designer, and author of the book Sew Liberated. She writes about her adventures with fabric, thread, and motherhood at her blog Sew Liberated.  She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son.



treasure basket
Finnian has found the pot of gold at the end of his rainbow … a basket of household items of various textures, weights, temperatures and shapes for his exploration.

treasure basket
This is an idea I gleaned from How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way – a handy introduction to Montessori parenting that has been on my shelf for a few years now.

treasure basket

The treasure basket currently holds: a salad spoon, a wooden spoon, a metal egg separator, a ball of wool yarn, a scrap of cotton flannel, a Russian nesting doll, a small fabric bag, a spice jar with sesame seeds, a wooden egg, a thick glass vase, a kukui nut necklace, a wooden scrub brush, and a felted wool ball.

Finn will sit in front of this basket for almost forty minutes, taking things in and out, touching them with his hands and feet, and putting them in his mouth. At times, I will remove the items that he has taken out and hasn’t touched in a while, to keep the visual clutter to a minimum.

The treasure basket has worked its way into our morning routine. After waking, going to the bathroom and changing into clothes, Finn sits with his basket as we listen to some quiet piano music. Then – we’re off on our morning walk to greet all of the kitties in the neighborhood.

Mornings with the babe are my favorite time of the day, even though they tend to start a little earlier than I might have chosen. They are so peaceful – so quiet – I can even hear the click, click of his two new teeth on the objects he is exploring with his mouth!


Thank you so much Meg for sharing this wonderful idea with us.

To learn more about Meg please visit her at her spaces…

Sew Liberated The Blog

Sew Liberated Sewing Patterns

And her wonderful book… full of stylish sewing ideas

Sew Liberated The Book

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  1. 04.25.2010 5:41 pm

    Oh! I loved this post when I original saw it on Sew Liberated! So much, in fact, that I made my own version!

  2. 04.25.2010 5:54 pm

    what a terrific idea. My 18 month old still loves having a basket just to empty & put back, we have several around the house. I KNOW she’d love items like these to explore…thanks for the great idea!

  3. 04.26.2010 3:50 am

    OK…the basket is a great idea, but where do you find such an adorable baby? JK…too cute for words, looks like he loves his Mama’s idea~Laura

  4. 04.28.2010 7:23 am

    So sweet. I do the same thing. Justa basket of textured SAFE items and they’re totally entertained…so are you because babies are just plain cute!!

  5. 04.28.2010 10:00 am

    I made one similar to this for Poppy’s as a Christmas gift and she loved it!
    They usually want what we “play” with don’t they…

  6. 04.29.2010 2:59 am

    My baby is now six months and I needed a reminder to create this for her just as I did for all her older siblings. Thank you so much for this beautiful and inspiring post.

  7. 05.3.2010 7:09 am

    My kids have also always loved the non-toy toys. Every time I see posts including Meg’s son’s name, it jumps out at me. My almost 2+ year old shares the name and I have never seen it anywhere else.


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