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Nesting…Guest Writer Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes


With spring in full swing, we are all hearing a little more chirping in the air.  The birds are all as happy for the weather shift as we are…maybe even more so.

I stumbled upon this post from Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes in which she gives us a great way of assisting our visiting birds in building their spring homes.

A bit about Lisa…

Lisa Whitesell is a mother, wife, educator, photographer, gardener, lover of herbs, lover of nature, maker of things and author of 5 Orange Potatoes. She resides with her husband, 2 daughters, and houseful of animals in SW Ohio.

 “You don’t make time for creativity; you incorporate it into everything you do.” Lisa Whitesell


Nest Making

We have a small collection of nests that have fallen from trees in our yard. We love to observe and learn what the birds used to build their nests.

We found this one on the floor of our apple orchard buried in the sycamore leaves-

Our crazy dog tore up her toy and left the stuffing behind……a happy little bird picked up the remains! Here’s a better view of the nest. Fluff, pine needles, and grass-

grass and thin plastic-

mud and grass-

This is from the sparrow’s nest that fell from the eve of our house, fluff, husky hair, grass, and seeds-

Today we set up a nesting station for our bird friends. We used our wicker plant hangers, filled them full of nesting material, and hung them from our tree. One basket has pine needles, dog fur and moss; one has grasses and leaves; and one has sewing scraps. We love sitting quietly and observing the birds that visit! So far they seem very intrigued by the sewing scrap basket; the most curious chickadee spent a lot of time on the edge of this basket today!

To make your own nesting station provide a variety of goodies from this list-

Dead twigs
Dead leaves
Dry grass
Yarn or string—cut into 4- to 8-inch pieces
Human or animal hair (especially horse hair)
Fur (dog, rabbit, or cat fur)
Sheep’s wool
Plant fluff or down (e.g. cattail fluff, cottonwood down, milkweed fluff)
Poly-fill, cotton batting, or other stuffing material
Spanish Moss
Bark strips
Pine needles
Thin strips of cloth, about 1 inch wide by 6 inches long
Shredded paper
Snake skin
Onion bag pieces
Mud- keep a muddy spot in your garden

I wanted to make something much more creative and pretty to hang in the trees, but time escaped me this week. However, Jen, from Paint Cut Paste, made the prettiest nest making holders using wire, a tennis ball, and wooden beads. Be sure to check out the rest of her amazing site for more great ideas to do with the kids!


Thank you so much Lisa for sharing this with all of us!

To learn more about Lisa please stop by her spaces.

5 Orange Potatoes

and her shop…

5 Orange Potatoes Etsy

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  1. 04.20.2010 1:06 pm

    i heart lisa so much! so very thankful to have become her friend ♥

  2. 04.20.2010 4:16 pm

    We were just looking at nesting balls at our local birdy store, so nice to know that we can just make our own!

  3. Nicole Carrillo permalink
    04.23.2010 1:29 pm

    Guess what will be our next family project this weekend? Thank you!

  4. 04.30.2010 5:57 am

    Thanks so much! We made these last week and they were a wonderful project and look so pretty in our tree! Our pics are here:

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