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A day to say YES!!!


In every parent’s life there is at least one day when nothing goes right.  A day when tempers rise and rules are broken and tears are shed.  A day when you feel like all that you say is “No.”

What is the remedy for such a day?

A day to day “Yes”!

In my search for Mama’s who are kindred to the Rhythm of the Home community, I  found this perfect post by Stephanie of Ordinary Life Magic.

Giving us the permission to do just that.

Stephanie is a mother, loving with her family in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A bit about Stephanie…
We are unschoolers, adventurers, philosophers, paleontologists, players, seekers, fishermen, skiers, museum visitors, gardeners, rebels, investigators, creators, experimenters, and discoverers.  Our family is about living and loving together…as brightly and best we can in any and every moment.  I believes in celebrating childhood and all of life.  I feel that the best way that we know how to do that is to grow and learn naturally, according to our interests and our own spirits.
Below is Stephanie’s post…

One of the keys to living a happy and fulfilled unschooled life, I think,
is the willingness (and ability) to say “yes“.

This is not something new or seemingly extraordinary to this Mama —
but it is something that often sounds like (while to me, meaning the same)
Yes– In just a minute.”
And “Yes, Honey, hang on…”.
And “Of course, Bud, give me just a sec….”
These are not pacifiers, honestly,
just “my hands are (or head is) busy, so allow me to make this shift…”
sometimes the moment has lost its momentum
when I have set aside my personal Immediatement.

I had not made a conscious decision to do so,
but today looked different.

Today looked like “Yes“, with no caveats.

Yes, to embracing a cloudy sky.

Yes, right now.
Yes, I can jump.
Yes, I can help you be a Vegetarian, right this minute.
Yes, we can do that.

And even:

Yes, I can do that.

Yes, it’s quite alright for me to warm my feet outdoors –
just sitting in the clouds and wind.

Yes, I can meditate upon This.

Yes, I can stop that, and return to This.

Yes, I can live and love, Here.

Yes, yes, yes.

And soon, again, it’s back to

Yes, you can have a bath– right this minute.
Yes, you can have candles.

Yes, I can do it right now.
Yes, it is out of the way.
Yes, I’ll do it anyway.
Yes, I can come here right this second.

I’m not having any delusions
that I can keep up this crazy energy
for the Every Second For The Rest Of My Days,
but it has been a nice reminder
that the sky doesn’t fall,
and that I’m not left feeling dizzy and shaking my head
after this constant “Absolutely Now”ing.

Just a reminder to all of us (my family)-
That if the thought or project that I was working upon was important,
chances are it will make itself known again –
should I be lucky enough to forget for a while.

And a reminder to my babes
that they are
That Important
and that Funny
and that
in all of those
Right This Second’s.

Not a bad way to spend a day.

A bit tiring, mind you…
but certainly
and calibrating.

Thank you so much Stephanie for giving us this reminder to have these days.

Those ones to carry us through the days of  “No.”

To learn more about Stephanie and her family please stop by her spaces

Ordinary Life Magic

Happy and Free


Growing Naturally

5 Comments leave one →
  1. 04.7.2010 6:41 am

    I really love this post. So many poignant thoughts and inspirations.

  2. 04.7.2010 8:10 am

    Great post. 🙂

  3. Sara permalink
    04.7.2010 9:55 pm

    What gorgeous photos, really gorgeous, to accompany a shift out of normal gear into a more highly responsive gear. I experiment with Yes-rightnow mode now and then. This post leaves me with good things to ponder. I especially liked the thought that if my task or project that was preoccupying my attention was important enough then it will probably present itself again at a more opportune moment.

  4. 04.8.2010 5:27 am


  5. 04.22.2010 10:44 am

    Oh, I need this post. Thank you, Thank you! There are always so many nos or so many in just a minutes. What would our day really look like full of yeses? Hmmm!

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