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Homeschooling….guest writer Farmama


I had been on the lookout for a post on homeschooling since I began editing this blog…one that not only gave the why’s, and the hows….but the heart of the matter as well.

How lucky was I to find this beautiful post in the archives of Farmama.

Sara is a farmer, a farmers wife, and mama to four little ones that unschool. On her blog Farmama, she shares her family’s life adventures on an ever evolving little sustainable farmstead. On their farm they raise organic vegetables, sheep, dairy goats, laying hens, honey bees, some fruits, flowers and herbs. Every year they become closer to being self sufficient.

Below is a terrific post on the benefits and method behind Sara’s journey…called appropriately enough…



I never thought that I’d homeschool my kids.  Isaac went to a Waldorf preschool that I loved, but when it was time for him to go to kindergarten we had just bought our farm….and we knew there was no way we could pay for our kids to go to private school. So we talked ourselves into sending him to the public school. He went for one day. He hated it…. and I was glad. The next day I un-enrolled him, and knew that homeschooling was our only option. Now all I can think is how glad I am that we can’t afford private school…..because if we could I may have never homeschooled……we would’ve never been able to experience this thing that we so love! I love that I can be home with my kids, teaching them and learning with them….learning from them too!


We use a Waldorf based curriculum called Live Education. I use it for ideas and it helps me a lot, but I don’t follow it rigidly. Right now Isaac and I are reading The Kalevala and studying grammar, earlier in the year we studied Norse Mythology, and Colorado history. Like I said…..I’m learning too….so much of this stuff is new to me!


Another thing I love about homeschooling is the everyday one on one time I get to spend with each of my children. I spend about an hour with each boy. We read or write or do math or learn about whatever it is they want to know.


It’s amazing how the sight of something like a bald eagle’s nest can spark a sudden desire to learn everything there is to know about bald eagles! Living on a farm is like that too…..these farm kids are surrounded by so many learning opportunities. Like the day they caught this mouse in a bucket….


and they wanted to know all about mice ….and “Oh I saw a snake eat a mouse the other day”…and we talk about the vast ecosystem in the market garden.

I love that the farm teaches in ways that are so straightforward. Nature is a very honest teacher! On the farm we experience new life when the baby chicks and the goats are born, and when the plants sprout out of the ground. We also experience death. We’ve seen many chickens die and one of our goats too, and every fall we see the plants die.


Life coming out of the ground


and the very same day life going in the ground! (Tom planting winter wheat.)

I try to include my kids in everything I do, whether it’s farming or painting, building, etc….They learn so much by “doing.”

2-24-09 116

Right now they could tell you a thing or two about grouting tile!

I feel like they’d be really missing out on so many important lessons if they were away from the farm all day in school!


Now, we may not all be lucky enough to live on such a gorgeous farm or to have animals in our backyard to teach us lessons, but we can each find something in the every day to learn and teach from.

Thank you so much Sara for sharing this with us.

To learn more about Sara and the beautiful life that she is creating with her family, visit her at her blog Farmama.

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  1. 04.5.2010 9:37 am

    What a great story…she is awful ambitious! Good for them.

  2. 04.5.2010 9:57 am

    What a nice surprise to see this here. Sara’s family is definitely inspirational! I have known these boys their entire lives and I can tell you, those are some super smart farmer boys! They have sure taught us or thing or two on the farm!

  3. 04.5.2010 1:29 pm

    I always find inspiration from Sara! we hope to farm more rurally someday & even our urban set-up is such a great ‘school’ for our children. It’s terrific to find ladies like farmama to remind us that it works!

  4. 04.5.2010 1:52 pm

    i haven’t seen sara’s blog, thanks for connecting! what a lovely family! and beautiful post!

  5. 04.5.2010 3:29 pm

    I love Sara and this post is one of the reasons why… thanks for having her in this great space!

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