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Crafting with Intent…


In keeping with the whole Easter Theme of this week, we are sharing a second guest writer.  We are lucky enough to have Nicole Benjamin of Garden Mama share a wonderful project and thoughtful post with us.

While Waldorf-homeschooling her three young children, Nicole enjoys crafting and creating to add beauty and magic into her everday. She is a prolific gardener and accomplished artisan. Her family makes their home along the ocean. Nicole’s creativity, home, garden, and family life is chronicled through photography and word on her blog Garden Mama.

Thank you so much Nicole for sharing with us.

These awesome eggs are messy and a TON of fun.

.: Crafting With Intent :.

DSC_0689 2

.: Her small hands lay out the strips of newsprint and saturate it in the paste :.
On this day in celebration of spring our time of crafting echoed the theme of the birds  that has been so prevalent in our days these past few weeks!

Inspiration was discovered and the curtains were opened to let in the newness of this fresh spring day.  The table was set with supplies that were needed to create eggs made by the process of paper mache.

To create paper mache eggs you will need:

Egg forms

Strips of newspaper (we used newsprint that was used to pack our breakables during our move)

One cup of water mixed with two cups of flour to create your “glue”

DSC_0671 1

.: One cup of water and two cups of flour formed the paste for this project :.

The morning sun happily  streamed in through the windows nurturing the sunflower seeds that were planted in egg cartons the evening before. The gentle crackle of the record player sang our favorite Beatles tune “Good Day Sunshine” in a most comforting way that record players do.

The children mixed the flour with water in the mixer to form the paste to aide us in our creative work on this day.


.: Each new egg was so much fun to create–they started piling up very quickly! :.

As my children placed strips of newsprint into the mixture of flour and water I begin to read the first pages of The Easter Egg by a favorite author Jan Brett.  Like the rabbits portrayed in this sweet story, my little bunnies also set out to create the most beautiful eggs!  With inspiration from the story, they begin to wrap each egg into its new paper covering in anticipation of painting them and seeking them in the yard on Easter.

DSC_0744 1

.: Wood is this rabbit’s medium of choice :.

In Jan Brett’s story, the rabbits each create the most beautiful eggs– each one in their own medium and  unique unto themselves!


.: An intrigued feline watches the process  :.

More and more eggs piled up in front of us. Each family member joined in to take part immersing hands in the floury glue as we applied the mache and made it smooth.

DSC_0746 1

.: Each rabbit creates in their own medium, I appreciate how this shares how different we all are :.

I appreciate the intricate details of Jan Brett’s illustrations. Not a corner is left empty! Each page is framed with living natural beauty.  If you watch very closely throughout the entire book there is an ever so subtle surprise to be discovered among the pussy willow branches!


.: Almost finished! The eggs were then set out on a tray on our drying rack overnight :.

We let our eggs dry on a tray overnight and the very next day they were ready to be painted.  I enjoyed this process as much as my children did. My oldest choose to paint brightly colored rainbows over the eggs that he created. My littlest one speckled each egg with his favorite colors,  and my daughter and I chose to paint robin eggs as well as chicken eggs like the ones we encounter in her grandparent’s nesting boxes of their chicken coop.


May the magic of a story fill your days and enter into your time of creating!

Thank you so much Nicole, what a lovely story to go with a lovely project.
To learn more about Nicole please visit her at her blog Garden Mama.
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  1. 04.1.2010 8:34 am

    Nicole is such a sweet Mama and does so many amazing things with her children. She is kind enough to share some of that beauty with all of us. Thanks!

  2. 04.1.2010 11:22 am

    I am so glad this post was shared here. I love love love this idea!

  3. 04.3.2010 5:54 am

    Fabulous! And I love the way this is writtenup with the connection to the story!

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